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Welcome to this comprehensive article about Banana Laffy Taffy! If you’re a fan of candy and curious about this particular flavor, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the history of Laffy Taffy, the taste and texture of Banana Laffy Taffy, the pros and cons of this flavor, comparisons to other Laffy Taffy flavors, and customer reviews. So grab a seat, get ready to satisfy your sweet tooth, and let’s dive into the world of Banana Laffy Taffy!

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Overview of Laffy Taffy

Before we delve into the specifics of Banana Laffy Taffy, let’s take a brief look at Laffy Taffy as a whole. Laffy Taffy is a popular brand of chewy, fruity candy that has been enjoyed by candy enthusiasts for many years. It is known for its vibrant colors, bold flavors, and jokes printed on each wrapper, which add a playful element to the candy-eating experience.

History of Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy has a rich history that dates back decades. It was first introduced in the 1970s by the Willy Wonka Candy Company, which is now owned by Nestlé. Since then, this delightful candy has gained a loyal following and continues to be loved by people of all ages.

Different flavors available

Laffy Taffy offers a variety of flavors to suit different palates. From classics like strawberry and grape to more unique options like watermelon and cherry, there is a flavor to satisfy every candy lover’s craving.

Packaging and quantity

When it comes to packaging, Laffy Taffy is available in various forms. You can find individual bars, miniatures, and even tubs containing a generous quantity of Laffy Taffy pieces. For those who can’t get enough, the tubs with approximately 145 pieces are a great option, ensuring you have a plentiful supply of Laffy Taffy to enjoy.

Taste and Texture of Banana Laffy Taffy

Now, let’s focus on the star of the show: Banana Laffy Taffy. This flavor has gained a dedicated fan base and is widely regarded as one of the best flavors Laffy Taffy has to offer. Let’s explore its taste and texture in more detail.

Sweetness level

Banana Laffy Taffy strikes a perfect balance when it comes to sweetness. It is sweet enough to satisfy your sugar cravings but not overly sugary, allowing the banana flavor to shine through.

Banana flavor

The banana flavor in Banana Laffy Taffy is undeniably delicious. It captures the essence of ripe bananas, providing a refreshing and enjoyable taste. If you’re a fan of banana-flavored treats, you’re in for a delightful treat with Banana Laffy Taffy.


One of the defining characteristics of Laffy Taffy is its chewiness, and Banana Laffy Taffy is no exception. The texture is soft and pliable, making it a pleasure to chew. Each bite offers a satisfying resistance, contributing to a playful and enjoyable eating experience.

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Banana Laffy Taffy maintains a consistent texture throughout each piece. It doesn’t become too sticky or hard, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable chewing experience from start to finish.

Banana Laffy Taffy Review!

Pros of Banana Laffy Taffy

Now that we’ve explored the taste and texture of Banana Laffy Taffy, let’s delve into the pros of this delightful candy.

Delicious taste

The most obvious pro of Banana Laffy Taffy is its delicious taste. The combination of the authentic banana flavor and the perfect level of sweetness results in a delightful treat that is hard to resist.


One of the great things about Laffy Taffy is that it tends to last longer than other types of candy. Its chewy texture prolongs the enjoyment, giving you more time to savor the delicious banana flavor.

Variety of flavors

While our focus is on Banana Laffy Taffy, it is important to note that Laffy Taffy offers a wide variety of flavors. This allows you to explore different taste sensations and find your personal favorites.

Affordable price

Banana Laffy Taffy, like other Laffy Taffy flavors, is an affordable treat. Whether you opt for the individual bars or the larger tubs, you get a lot of candy for a reasonable price. This makes it an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a delicious treat without breaking the bank.

Cons of Banana Laffy Taffy

Despite its many pros, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of Banana Laffy Taffy.

Artificial ingredients

Like many candies, Banana Laffy Taffy contains artificial ingredients. While this is common in the world of sweets, it may be a concern for those who prefer natural or organic options.


Due to its chewy nature, Laffy Taffy can be sticky. This stickiness may pose a minor inconvenience, especially if you’re eating it on the go or in warm weather.

Not suitable for individuals with dental issues

The chewiness of Laffy Taffy may not be suitable for individuals with certain dental issues. It is important to consider your own dental health before indulging in this candy.

Comparisons to Other Laffy Taffy Flavors

Now, let’s compare Banana Laffy Taffy to some other popular flavors available within the Laffy Taffy range.

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Strawberry Laffy Taffy is another beloved flavor that offers a sweet and fruity taste. It is a classic choice and a great alternative if you’re seeking a different fruity experience than banana.


For those who enjoy the more intense and robust flavors, grape Laffy Taffy is a fantastic option. It boasts a bold grape flavor that will tantalize your taste buds.


Watermelon Laffy Taffy provides a refreshing and juicy experience with its distinct watermelon flavor. If you’re a fan of this summery fruit, you won’t be disappointed.


Cherry Laffy Taffy offers a burst of tartness and sweetness in each bite. Its vibrant red color and bold flavor make it a popular choice among candy lovers.

Overall Opinion on Banana Laffy Taffy

After considering all the aspects, it’s time to share our overall opinion on Banana Laffy Taffy.

Personal enjoyment

From its delightful taste to its enjoyable chewiness, Banana Laffy Taffy is a winner in our books. The authentic banana flavor combined with the perfect level of sweetness creates an irresistible treat that is hard to resist.


If you’re a fan of candy, especially fruity flavors, we highly recommend giving Banana Laffy Taffy a try. Its delicious taste, long-lasting chewiness, variety of flavors, and affordable price make it an excellent choice for a sweet and satisfying snack.

Customer Reviews

To provide a well-rounded perspective, let’s take a look at some customer reviews of Banana Laffy Taffy.

Positive reviews

Many reviewers echo our sentiments about Banana Laffy Taffy. They praise its delicious taste, long-lasting chewiness, and the overall enjoyment it brings.

Negative reviews

While the majority of reviews are positive, some individuals may not enjoy the artificial ingredients in Banana Laffy Taffy or have differing preferences when it comes to taste.

Average rating

Taking into account both positive and negative reviews, the average rating for Banana Laffy Taffy remains high. This indicates that the majority of customers are satisfied with their experience.


In conclusion, Banana Laffy Taffy is a delicious, chewy candy that offers an enjoyable treat for candy enthusiasts. Its authentic banana flavor, perfect sweetness, and long-lasting chewiness make it a favorite among many. While it does contain artificial ingredients and may pose minor inconveniences such as stickiness, the overall experience and taste are highly regarded. If you’re looking for a delightful candy to satisfy your sweet tooth, we highly recommend giving Banana Laffy Taffy a try. So go ahead, indulge in this fruity delight, and make every day a little sweeter with Banana Laffy Taffy!